Mission Levee Improvements

Hidalgo, Texas

Owner: International Boundary & Water Commission

Engineer: Dannenbaum Engineering

Project Type: Rehabilitation

Square Feet: N/A

Completion Date: May 2011

Project Details: Work included the preparation of right-of-way for retaining wall/levee improvements; installation and maintenance of erosion control measures such as silt fencing and construction entrances and exits; raising of the levees including benched excavation, placement of embankment, placement of topsoil, placement of riprap and seeding/re-vegetation of the disturbed areas; construction of maintenance road; construction of retaining wall including excavation to required elevations, preparation of foundation, construction of footings, backfill, installation of filter fabric and underdrain system, construction of retaining wall and backfill; relocation of utilites; construction of intake channel headwall, culverts/headwalls and appurtenances; reconstruction of existing irrigation control facilities, boxes and gates; construction of floodgate; installation of multiple sluice gates.


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